Tuesday, June 30, 2009

0629 - 1st sunny day in indianapolis

jet-lag did not really bother me this time - as i had a whole night's full of sleep from 12-6am! i think a night in tokyo really helped...

it is a bright sunny day here in indianapolis. perfect cloudless blue sky, a bit windy to offset the sweat. i would stand in the patio and imagine i m a yoga master ... inhale .... exhale ....

and my father-in-law did great with the backyard! seeds were sowned years back, and every year when he comes there are new surprises. there are 魚鰭瓜,青豆,油墨菜 ... and there is a big ranch of lily in different colors!

and a new addition to his collection of fun would be 芝麻 - the family's new-born grand-daughter (nicknamed from her name Gemma, which is too hard for parents ...). a smart 2-mth old, whose big eyes are always in search of new adventures. lovely creature and centre of everyone's lives practically!

Monday, June 29, 2009

0628 - 10 hrs in tokyo

due to transit, i need to (and very happy to) stay in tokyo for 1 night.

as time is short, i have chosen to stay in narita area, which is the town closest to the airport. technically it is chiba, not tokyo. and when i get to walk around the town, it feels so much like the rural small towns!

i had 4 hrs in the morning before heading to the airport again, so i started my morning walk around the JR stn. since i saw many local tourists walking in the same direction, i simply followed them. small shops along the way .... then after 45mins there was this huge temple! no wonder!

most impressive thing was, this town is somehow famous for UNAGI. it's the first time i see& eat live processing of eels. personally i m never a big fan of eels, but hey, it melts in your mouth! 

0627 - ANA NH919 HKG-TOKYO

this is the 2nd time i fly on ANA. the memory from years before hasn't changed - still a full plane of japanese and not a single sight of Chinese! that's why i called it and still call it 偷情快線!

watched [last chance harvey] - i must say all these airplane VOD now carry very impressive movie line-ups! here we are 2 actors that can totally take over the whole movie with just great lines! i read somewhere which compared this movie to [before sunrise] - a senior version. i don't quite relate the 20s romance to the senior type. maybe i will watch it again when i m 50 ....