Monday, February 15, 2010

our tiger mini

as we welcome the year of the tiger, our lunar new year eve was surprisingly spent in the hospital - and it just couldn't be better!

with help of a obgyn friend whom's identity i must kept confidential (big thanks!), we sneaked into the ultrasound room of the hospital, and we were able to say hi to mini and celebrate chinese new year eve together as a tiny family! and a few sights were really memorable.

first, i couldn't believe mini's already turned heads down at week 27 - i read that most babies won't do that til week 32! no wonder i have been feeling the attacks at the very bottom of my belly ... so it's mini practicing his thai kick boxing moves ... and all these time i kept thinking those were toilet calls though they felt fake ... u naughty boy, already fooling your mama!

throughout the ultrasound, mini's been facing his daddy. and when we said hi to him, he actually returned the greeting by punching his fists a few times - when i was seeing it on the monitor and also feeling it LIVE on my belly, it felt way more sensational than the 4D AVATAR movie! it's our interaction as a family for the very first time!

then, as we were reviewing mini's every body part, another amazing scene came to sight. after several moves, this little creature has decided to take some rest, and he actually folded his little feet one on top of each other! how very comfortable that looked, and we felt he really knows how to have a good time!

upon entering the year of the tiger, i also just realized that i am now into my 3rd and final trimester. our tiger mini will be born in 12 weeks' time. as my heartbeat quickens, i wish to record this moment of excitement.

thank you mini!

ak & mini @ week 28

Thursday, February 11, 2010

lady gaga

a colleague of mine is a mom with a 13-year-old girl.

i think it was last summer when she and her girl were crazy about High School Musical. they became such big fan that they were following a specific cast touring in the US, and they flew all the way there to see the live show. i must say, to me, having to go that far to impress your own kid is quite extravagant!

last week, i bumped into her in the office lift. another colleague was casually chatting with her about updates on the High School Musical.

"you know what, High School Musical is so 2009 for my girl. she's now into Lady GaGa."

interesting! so i started listening ....

"i don't get it, is Lady GaGa a man or a woman? I asked my daughter one day, and she simply said - MOM, you don't get it, do you?" this was said in a slightly depressed tone.

then it was time to step out of the lift.

i was laughing at her at first, but not long, i started to wonder if i will get the "you don't get it" soon ...

Lady GaGa is kinda like Anita Mui back in my 13-year-old days. if i remember right, 壞女孩 did cause some social controversy, but it was never of my concern. as a mui fans, it meant cool, that's it.

did my parents ever worry if i would turn into a 淑女 or a 壞女? i can't remember them asking me anything about anita mui. maybe they were too busy with work. i guess if they had asked me, i would also say "you don't get it, do you?" and dismiss the whole question all together. afterall, i was only following a trend, what's there to explain?

how far does a parent have to go to "get it"?

what's so bad about "not getting it"?

i better stop playing the 13-year-old me vs the 34-year-old me ... or i will go crazy!