Sunday, March 28, 2010

new camera for mini

finally! one new item we bought for mini! A NEW CANON DSLR CAMERA!

i have always loved my ricoh snap shot camera. i have had the GRV since film days, then moved onto the digital one. but a new camera with faster shutter and continuous mode seems to be a necessity to catch a few good shots of active kids. so we've decided to get it now, get trained on using it, then welcome mini with our amateur skills :)

mini, we enjoyed the silly portraits so much! and we'd love to have you in the pics soon!

ak & mini @ week 33

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3.21 1st anniversary

since i have my whole wedding album loaded to my iPhone, i would review the photos every so often, and here's a picture i really like.

the smiles on our faces not only told of the joy we felt on our wedding day 365 days ago, it actually sums up what we've been feeling throughout these 365 days too!

the sunshine today already sent us a warm welcome to the next exciting 365 days to come.

and a little ad-hoc "breakfast art" spices up our morning even more!

we spent the day strolling around cheung chau, eating junk food while exercising with mini in my tummy.

next spring, we will bring him with us on his stroller.

by the following year, we should be walking with him while he tries to find his balance.

in the years to come, maybe we can be biking around the island together.

then we will be chasing behind him, slowing down while he takes the course of his own life.

i will keep our wedding pic with me. i will keep that big smile with me no matter what.

ak & mini @ week 32

Monday, March 8, 2010

mini's wardrobe

as mini's D-day is approaching, we kept being asked if we have been shopping alot. the truth is, we have not bought a single item for him at all! it sounds hard to believe, i know. how can i suppress my shopping desire, especially when it's our first kid??? but somehow, people around us all have pass-it-down items they wanna get rid of. and it become such a good idea to try to take in unwanted items by others, so they can free their house space for their new items.

by now, we have a baby bed, a stroller, a toilet trainer, a walking trainer, and a bunch of toys.

so his room naturally feels quite decorated and cosy already.

then yesterday, via email, we received a super-mega-giga-surprise - mini's wardrobe!

yes, a whole wardrobe is received via email !!!

Billion thanks to our wardrobe mastermind - mike's mum and mini's grandma-to-be!

All these clothes are still in the US and will be shipped back together with mini's grandparents when they return in a few weeks' time. And the wardrobe will only be growing in the coming weeks, as grandma's been enjoying the weekly mall visit hunting for cute outfits for mini!

I can't stop reviewing each piece of clothing over and over again, with a big big smile on my face!

Not only am I so excited picturing mini in each of these fashion masterpieces, I also feel that mini's such a blessed boy~!

Moreover, it feels like mini's a centre force of happiness to all those around us even before he's born. There's grandma and our family in the US who's very involved in the wardrobe. Then there are other aunties and uncles who are happily donating their pass-it-down to him. It's magical! Everyday we think we adults have to make effort to make others happy. Yet this tiny to-be-born can have such power just like that!

thank you mini, for teaching me a lesson on happiness.