Wednesday, November 9, 2011

things falling into places

I went for a regular dental check-up a few days ago. My dentist told me, "It's time for an x-ray. The last x-ray you did was 7 years ago."

7 years? Have I been to the same dentist for 7+ years now?

Actually since a few years back, I found a dentist that I feel comfortable with, a hairstylist who knows I can't handle any type of blow-dry hairdo, a manicurist who understands that I will always only like crimson on my toes, a credit card that gives me the right offers at the right places and the right times .... these things used to trouble me a lot, like nothing's ever right after spending hundreds on my hair, or being pushed around with the latest 'trends' that I never feel right with. Slowly everything seems to have fallen into places.

Aging, yes, probably. Or is it the confidence to accept myself as who I am? That boring nerd who will be more than happy to carry the same hairstyle for the next 20 years?

At least I know I will be more than happy to have the same guy sitting next to me on the sofa gossiping on life's many trivial matters for the next 20 years. Thank you my dear, I am sure this confidence is rooted from you.