Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1008 - my work

since my trip to germany got cancelled at last minute, i decided to make good use of my time with new hobbies.

in high school, i thought music was cooler was i took music class instead of arts. well, none of the music has stayed with me, except the very occasional karaoke (sigh .... ). as for arts, i know i enjoy appreciating works. and the thought of being able to make something is very fascinating really. being efficient as always, i started taking ceramics class and chinese ink painting class.

yesterday, my first pieces of handmade ceramics work was completed! and my first ink painting was done too! i am obsessed, as i can't stop staring at my own work! i know it's really nothing spectacular, but having done something of your own is a total different pleasure from shopping for them.

it's never too late people. go pursue and you will feel as rewarded as i do now!

0903 - tokyo

i always say, travel is not about the places you go to, but more about the people you share the trips with. over the years, i have had chances to bring together friends from different corners and put them on the same trips. risking black faces and disagreements, things have turned out more than fine. and that gives me real satisfaction!

2 years ago, i brought along 3 friends to a rural part of japan, and all 4 of us stayed with my cousin hiukei - they have not met before, and i have not met hiukei for years. i knew they'd click, and we ended up with a full week of fun & laughter. my friend gut got along particularly well with hiukei, and they are both experts of japanese entertainment scene. so this time, without much prior planning, we decided to meet up in tokyo again to enjoy a few days of girls-just-wanna-have-fun!

we tried out geeky maid cafes in akihabara, we posed silly for sticker pictures, we stole advertisements featuring hot japanese stars, we ended up buying the same leather jacket, and we have all become owners of the same ricoh digital camera!

thank you gut for being my best travelmate of all times, and sorry for not being as energetic as before. i really can't remember how we could get to 4 districts and shop 12 hours straight. that's all history but i thought we had fun this time too, taking it slower.

and thank you hiukei too, coming all the way up to tokyo. a long way to go for you, having to challenge yourself with japanese grad school admission tests and all. my best wishes to you!